Rei kingdom

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We’re starting to shop around, and we really like the REI Kingdom 6. The only bad thing I’ve read is that it’s not really good for windy situations, but we’re in the Midwest and we are usually surrounded by trees. It seems like a great tent, but is it worth the price? We’re stuck between spending a lot for something that will last us, or something like a Coleman Sundome 6 and replacing it every other year. We probably Lightshine — Feeling 1976 (Germany, Krautrock/Progressive Rock) Gentlehood — Gentlehood 1973 (USA, Folk/Psychedelic Rock) David Ackles — Subway To The Country 1969 (USA, Folk Rock). I’m looking to buy the garage attachment for the previous version of the REI Kingdom 4 tent. I got a good deal on the rent and the footprint, but I can’t find the garage anywhere. I’ve already pursued other avenues including the recent REI garage sales, local craigslist/facebook, etc. Anyone have one they are looking to unload? Update: I just spoke with REI customer service and they are in fact bringing the garage back for the previous model. Current timeline is for it to be available. Миллионы историй по твоим любимым фильмам, аниме, книгам, сериалам, музыкальным группам. I have a REI half dome2 for on the trail and it works well. So I found the kingdom line and really liked the features and the components to add on. But the few reviews on their site don’t help considering that half are “don’t recommend.” So does anyone have a Kingdom and how is it? Would also like any recommendations to any other tent with a garage or patio. Just needs Сборник видеоклипов совеременной популярной музыки различных жанров: дэнс, поп, рэп. I picked up a 2018 Kingdom 4, and I would love to get my hands on the compatible garage attachment. ( AFAIK, the 2018 garages fit all the sized Kingdom tents. amp#x200B; Thanks. REI has them advertised for 0. Just looking to see if I could get one for less. Edit. Looking to purchase a REI Kingdom 6 from 2018 or before. Might be interested in a 4 if the price is right. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a REI Kingdom 6 garage ( ( need a 2018 or earlier. The 2019 isn't backwards compatible :( Willing to pay sticker price, but would also be happy with a used (but GOOD condition). I am looking for a garage attachment for an REI Kingdom 6 Tent. Year 2012 thru 2018. Let me know what you have. Thanks. I'm looking for the 2018 Kingdom Garage if anyone has one they would sell amp#x200B; ( Just purchased a Kingdom 6 at REI and am looking to get the garage. Anyone have one available. So looking for an air mattress to go into my Taurus 6 tent for me and my gf for car camping. In California Arizona area. Nothing too extreme just want to be comfortable in the cold and such. Going to get a mr buddy heater as well. Trying to see if it’s worth it to spend the extra coin on the sleep40 system at 9 versus their insulated air bed at 9. I have a 15% coupon as well so debating which is the Best Buy. Hi folks, I got a good deal on an REI Kingdom 6 and would like to buy the garage. Is anyone willing I have been scouring the internet for a Garage for my Kingdom 6 Tent. One of the members has one and was very helpful and accommodating, but wants to sell his tent along with the garage (completely understandable), but I just need the garage. Can anyone assist with where I might I purchased a REI Kingdom 6 tent last year and this year decided I wanted the garage to go with it but REI seems to no longer sell it. Anybody know where I can purchase. Looking to buy a Rei Kingdom garage. I just bought a 2018 kingdom 6. They stopped selling the garage. It attached to the front of the tent to increase living room capacity. I am located I'm looking for the Garage attachment to the latest REI Kingdom tent. Looks like REI stopped selling them in preparation for a new version. Will pay full retail if in good condition. Just scored a Kingdom 6 at the recent garage sale and am looking to get the garage for a more affordable price. I've come across a couple garages on Craigslist before I purchased the tent that went for or less. Located in northern New Mexico. ( Hello all! Our family kind of has our heart set on the REI Kingdom 8 with footprint and garage. Getting this thing to Canada will cost a total of 00 CAD (including over 300 in duty and tax). I know it's a great tent, but this is a lot of money. I've looked for alternatives available in Canada but none apprear to be as great as the REI. Driving to the states to get one isn't an option. If anyone knows a way to get this tent to Canada cheaper, I'm all ears. If anyone knows Is there a tent that's just a little bit smaller than REI Kingdom 4 but still with somewhat pretty tall doors. Hello, looking for an awesome car camping tent and love what the REI Kingdom offers. I would be open to other large tents! Thanks.